Mississippi State Department of Health


Central Office Phone
601-576-7400  (8am-5pm)
Toll-free: 1-866-458-4948
Agency personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in public health emergencies.

Additional Phone Numbers




About the Agency
Our activities and history

A-Z Topics
An alphabetical list of topics on our site

Birth & Death Certificates
Includes marriage and divorce records

Financial Status Form
(PDF) Financial status and consent for services

Privacy and Personal Health Information
Privacy rights, HIPAA, and information release form

Public Records Request
Request specific information from MSDH

Public Meetings and Events

Questions & Answers

RFPs and Grants


County Locations
Health departments,
WIC centers, and regions

Environmental Offices PDF

Central Office

570 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, MS 39216
Driving directions

Postal Address:
Post Office Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215-1700

Weekdays 8am to 5pm

Links referenced
Central Office Phone List    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,2272,85,pdf/MSDH_central_office_phones.pdf
Hotlines & Toll-free Numbers    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,721,85,html
File a complaint about facilities or services that we regulate, or about our services    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,0,204,736,html
About the Agency    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/19,0,378,html
A-Z Topics    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,1422,207,html
Birth & Death Certificates    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/31,0,109,html
Financial Status Form    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/41,4491,245,pdf/form15.pdf
Privacy and Personal Health Information    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,0,204,202,html
Public Records Request    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,1181,204,html
Public Meetings and Events    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/23,1121,137,html
Questions & Answers    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/4,0,204,201,html
RFPs and Grants    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/19,0,205,html
County Locations    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/19,0,166,html
Environmental Offices    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/resources/6522.pdf
Driving directions    http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=570+east+woodrow+wilson+drive,+jackson,+ms&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=91.854477,93.867188&ie=UTF8&z=16

Find this page at http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/index.cfm

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