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Getting Home COVID-19 Test Kits and Reporting Results


Used properly, home COVID-19 test kits can detect infection early and prevent the spread to others.

Please report positive home test results to the Department of Health. Our online form makes it easy. Read more

Getting a Home Test Kit

Home tests for COVID-19 are sold at most pharmacies, and are also available free from county health departments.

Free home tests

Free COVID-19 test kits are available by mail from covidtests.gov (limited number per household). How to order

Free tests can also be picked up at any county health department during normal hours. A family can get 8 tests (4 packages of antigen rapid self-tests) per month without a doctor's note or other documentation. No appointment is needed.

When to Use a Home Test

Report Positive Results to MSDH

Report a new positive home test result for yourself or someone in your household to the Mississippi State Department of Health. This helps improve our ongoing monitoring of COVID-19 activity in the community. Our online form is quick and simple to use.

Report a positive test result

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