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COVID-19 On-Site Testing in Congregate and Confinement Facilities


The Mississippi State Department of Health, with the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Department of Justice, is supporting voluntary screening testing for COVID-19 within congregate and confinement facilities (jails, juvenile justice facilities and mental health state operated facilities).

The goal of this program is to slow the spread of COVID-19 in these settings and minimize the impact of COVID-19 through implementation of testing of inmates/residents/detainees, staff and visitors.

Options for Facilities

Congregate and confinement facilities can choose from two options for conducting on-site testing:

  1. Facility-based testing: Facilities are provided tests, and conduct their COVID-19 testing themselves
  2. Medical provider testing: Facilities may choose to utilize a designated Medical Provider who will conduct the testing for the facility

Please see the Congregate/Confinement Facility COVID-19 Testing Playbook for a full overview and guidance.


Facilities can enroll in the COVID-19 Testing in Congregate/Confinement Facilities Initiative and conduct on-site testing by following the steps below:

  1. Register for COVID-19 reporting with SimpleReport: Register now
  2. Complete the CLIA Certificate of Waiver application and submit it by e-mail to CLIA-MSDH@msdh.ms.gov
  3. Review and sign the COVID-19 Testing in Congregate/Confinement Facilities Provider Agreement.

Once your CLIA certificate number is received (usually one to two days after applying):

  1. Complete the online enrollment form and follow the directions to upload the signed COVID-19 Testing in Congregate/Confinement Facilities Agreement from above and enter the CLIA Certificate of Waiver Application number you receive.

After you have completed the application and uploaded the required documents, MSDH will be in contact with your facility to arrange for you to receive the initial allocation of test kits (after the initial allocation, MSDH will provide a mechanism for ordering additional test kits).



Please send any questions to: covid19testing@msphi.org, or contact Mike Garcia at 601-576-7725.

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