Mississippi State Department of Health

Transportation to Health


If you need assistance getting to a county health department clinic or office for health services, free transportation is a phone call away.

Ride to a county health department

Ride to a pharmacy

Up to 4 passengers, adult or child

Who It's For

Free transportation is available for:

  • Adults: You are at least 18 years old.
  • Services: You are visiting a county health department clinic or office for health services, or a WIC appointment.
  • Prescriptions: You are visiting a pharmacy to pick up a prescription you received at a county health department clinic.

Who Can Ride

You may have up to four riders in total.

  • Someone to help: Bring up to three other people with you if you need assistance during your visit to the health department, especially if you need help moving in and out of a vehicle.
  • Children: You can bring up to three children with you as long as the total number of passengers is four or fewer. If your children need car safety seats, you must provide these.

There is a maximum of four passengers, adults and children included. Seat belts must be worn properly at all times, in accordance with Mississippi law.

How to Request Transportation

You can arrange a ride when you schedule an appointment for health services with us, or any time after.

Request a Ride
MSDH Office of Health Equity

After You Call

After you request a ride:

For More Information

For more information about the Transportation to Health program, call the MSDH Office of Health Equity at 601-206-1050

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