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Community Health Workers educate and assist the people in their community, personally connecting them with important resources for their health, and building a healthier future for those around them.

The MSDH Office of Community Health Workers seeks to establish a high-performing, well-integrated workforce of community health workers (CHWs) working in public health, health care and community-based systems in order to bring whole-person care to all Mississippians. The OCHW offers a certificate of completion for CHW core competency training as well as professional development, networking opportunities, resources and publications to ensure the success of CHWs and the organizations entrusted to serve Mississippians throughout our state.

What Is a Community Health Worker?

A CHW is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of the community served, and who understands its people and needs. This trusting relationship enables the worker to serve as a bridge between community members and health and social services.

Community Health Workers are an essential link between health and care providers and people, and ultimately help reduce health disparities in Mississippi.

CHW Training

Core Competency Course

The Office of Community Health Workers is a recognized training institute with Master Trainers. We offer a free 160-hour Core Competency Course over 6 to 8 weeks that comprises 80 hours of classroom work and 80 hours of an approved practicum.

Participants receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Course Schedule

CHW Directory

The Office of Community Health Workers maintains a statewide directory for CHWs who have completed core competency training. Joining the directory offers CHWs and their associated organizations an avenue for education, networking and professional development.

There are no dues or fees required, and CHWs do not need to be currently employed in a CHW role.

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