Trauma Center Designations

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Trauma Centers in the state carry one of four possible designations.

(1) Complete Designation

The hospital has completed all of the requirements for designation at their application level. This is a three year designation subject to periodic compliance audits.

(2) Complete Designation with Conditions

The hospital has completed all of the requirements for Complete Designation at their application level with the exception of minor (no patient or Regional operations impact) condition(s). This designation category may be used for initial designations or an interim change in status from Complete Designation due to a temporary loss of a capacity or capability.

(3) Suspended Designation

The hospital has completed the requirements for Complete Designation at their application level. However, upon receipt of information and verification by the Department of regulation violations and a determination by the Department that it is in the best interest of patient care or Regional operations, the Department may temporarily suspend the Trauma Center Designation for said hospital.

(4) Non-Designated Trauma Centers

Any hospital that has not completed the Trauma Center Application process or has had its Trauma Center Designation revoked by the Department will be considered a Non-Designated Trauma Center. Such facilities shall not advertise nor hold itself out to the public as a Designated Trauma Center.

Hospitals that have been designated as Trauma Centers may have their designation status revoked for any of the following reasons:

  1. By the State Health Officer for reasons of serious threat or jeopardy to patients health or welfare;
  2. Refusal to satisfactorily complete the reinstatement process, described above, for hospitals having had their Trauma Center Designation Suspended.
  3. Failure to adhere to laws or regulations.
  4. Hospitals having their Trauma Center Designation status revoked may reapply for trauma center designation after resolution of all issues related to the revocation and completion of a complete new trauma center designation process.

More Information

Further information on trauma center categories may be found in the Mississippi Mississippi Trauma System Rules and Regulations, or by calling the Bureau of Acute Care Systems, Trauma Registry at 601-933-2440.

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